Kupang, Rote, Sumba and South Flores

Sumba Island belongs to the Lesser Sunda Islands. Sumba has an area of about 11000 square kilometres, so it is roughly twice the size of Bali. With approximately 715000 inhabitants (2017) Sumba has only about one sixth of the population of Bali. Although Sumba is less than 100 kilometres from the southern coast of Sumbawa and Flores – and still in visibility range – it is quite different

  1. I’m trying to find a way to get myself and some friends and about 2 or 3 motorcycles (Nmax) to Flores from Bali. We only want to go one-way and then ride the scooters back from Flores over Sumbawa and Lombok to Bali. Can we do that with you? If yes, when and how much money?

    • Sorry for the delay, but YES, this will work, but would be a combination of PELNI and our PERINTIS Network. The DPS-LBJ (labuhan Bajo Komodo) would be the first leg. The next suggestion would be RUN West to East on Northern edge of Flores and return to Ende on Southern Edge of Flores. There one of our boats would depart ENDE to Sumba and could carry your bikes and the next sector would be from Sumba back to Sumbawa and on to Lombok, but frequency is low !

      We can research this for you if you wish, but best to wait till we are closer to your exact selected dates !

      Robin Engel
      PT SongLine Cruises Jakarta

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