Selayar Island, South Sulawesi has finally found its place as a World Class Dive Destination!

Selayar Island, just south of the most southern tip of South Sulawesi, has for many years been ignored by both the land-based traveler and the dive holiday-maker. This island is covered with rich primary rain forest and is for the most part only populated on its western coast. The eastern spine of Selayar is a 75km long mountain range that reaches up to 600m and falls directly into the sea, continuing to depths of 2-3,000 meters. This formation has created some of Indonesia’s best wall dives. Selayar’s thick primary jungles hide two massive 7 tiered waterfalls that tumble to the coast from one 500 meter mountain peak. This fresh water source enters the sea at a small village and lagoon and is home to several sea cows that enjoy the brackish water created by the mixing of the fresh spring-fed water source and the pristine blue sea only 25 km from the 3rd largest coral atoll in the world, Takabonerate.


Start End Itinerary Nights Diver Non Diver
20-Jan 28-Jan Waisai – Raja Ampat – Waisai 8 1.793 1.724
3-Feb 13-Feb Waisai – Raja Ampat – Waisai 10 2.138 2.069
17-Feb 25-Feb Waisai – Raja Ampat – Waisai 8 1.793 1.724
3-Mar 13-Mar Waisai – Raja Ampat – Waisai 10 2.138 2.069
17-Mar 25-Mar Waisai – Raja Ampat – Waisai 8 1.793 1.724
31-Mar 10-Apr Waisai – Raja Ampat – Waisai 10 2.138 2.069
14-Apr 22-Apr Waisai – Raja Ampat – Waisai 8 1.793 1.724
28-Apr 8-May Waisai – Raja Ampat – Waisai 10 2.138 2.069

However, since this island stretches North to South, the prevailing winds of the region make the East coast of Selayar accessible only in the months of October through March, when Selayar’s mountain range shelters these East Coast walls and reefs from the winds coming directly out of the west.

In the months of March through Septeber, when the prevailing winds come from the East, the wave activity on this eastern coast make it absolutely impossible for fishermen to exploit this area. For this reason, these walls have seen very little of the destruction often associated with Indonesia. The local Selayar Government has recently given special conservation area status to the reefs at the Southern tip of Selayar. Access fees are levied on divers visiting this area, which cover the cost of regular police patrol boats, ensuring continued preservation of this special area.

So, if you are looking for a 7 night/7 day liveabord dive, this program will provide you with everything you want and can be efficiently blended into any complete Indonesian Holiday.

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