KLM Katharina

Cruising the Archipelago


All Cruises Include:
  • Full Board
  • A/C Cabins
  • Private Shower and Toilet
  • Soft drinks, tea, and coffee
  • Towels
  • Excursions
  • Laundry service
  • Use of snorkeling gear
  • Use of sea canoes
  • European cruise director
All Cruises Exclude:
  • Air Fares
  • Insurance
  • Acoholic Beverages
  • Tips

If you looking for a sailing expedition, that appeals to everyone, KLM Katharina has earned the reputation of carrying, the perfect mix of deluxe clients. International Travelers from around the world board KLM Katharina for “this years experience”. You will find the service impeccable and the conversation light and intelligent.

2018 – 2019 KATHARINA

Start End Itinerary Duration Price Non Diver
14-Jul-18 21-Jul-18 Bali- Komodo 8D/7N US$ 2990
23-Jul-18 30-Jul-18 Komodo- Bali 8D/7N US$ 2990
01-Aug-18 08-Aug-18 Bali- Komodo 8D/7N US$ 2990
10-Aug-18 17-Aug-18 Komodo- Bali 8D/7N US$ 2990
19-Aug-18 26-Aug-18 Bali- Komodo 8D/7N US$ 2990
31-Aug-18 7-Sep-18 Komodo- Bali 8D/7N US$ 2990
9-Sep-18 16-Sep-18 Bali- Komodo 8D/7N US$ 3350
18-Sep-18 25-Sep-18 Komodo- Bali 8D/7N US$ 2990
27-Sep-18 04-Oct-18 Bali- Komodo 8D/7N US$ 2990
11-Oct-18 21-Oct-18 Ambon-Sorong 11D/10N On Request
24-Oct-18 02-Nov-18 Sorong-Kaimana 10D/9N US$ 5750
05-Nov-18 14-Nov-18 Kaimana-Ambon 10D/9N US$ 5950
19-Nov-18 30-Nov-18 Ambon-Sorong 12D/11N US$ 6990
04-Dec-18 13-Dec-18 Sorong-Sorong 10D/9N US$ 5350
17-Dec-18 26-Dec-18 Sorong-Sorong 10D/9N US$ 5350
29-Dec-18 7-Jan-19 Sorong-Sorong 10D/9N US$ 5350
11-Jan-19 20-Jan-19 Sorong-Sorong 10D/9N US$ 5350
23-Jan-19 1-Feb-19 Sorong-Sorong 10D/9N US$ 5350
6-Feb-19 15-Feb-19 Sorong-Ambon 10D/9N On Request
18-Feb-19 1-Mar-19 Ambon-Ternate 12D/11N US$ 6990
13-Mar-19 24-Mar-19 Gorontalo-Komodo 12D/11N US$ 6990
27-Mar-19 31-Mar-19 Komodo-Komodo 5D/4N US$ 1850
2-Apr-19 9-Apr-19 Komodo-Bali 8D/7N On Request
06-May-19 13-May-19 Bali- Komodo 8D/7N US$ 3210
15-May-19 22-May-19 Komodo-Bali 8D/7N US$ 3210
25-May-19 31-May-19 Bali-Flores 7D/6N On Request
2-Jun-19 9-Jun-19 Komodo-Bali 8D/7N US$ 3210
11-Jun-19 18-Jun-19 Bali- Komodo 8D/7N US$ 3210
20-Jun-19 27-Jun-19 Komodo-Bali 8D/7N US$ 3210
29-Jun-19 6-Jul-19 Bali- Komodo 8D/7N US$ 3210
8-Jul-19 15-Jul-19 Komodo-Bali 8D/7N US$ 3210
13-Jul-19 24-Jul-19 Bali-Bali 12D/11N US$ 5750
17-Jul-19 24-Jul-19 Bali- Komodo 8D/7N US$ 3210
26-Jul-19 02-Aug-19 Komodo-Bali 8D/7N US$ 3210
04-Aug-19 11-Aug-19 Bali- Komodo 8D/7N US$ 3210
13-Aug-19 20-Aug-19 Komodo-Bali 8D/7N US$ 3210
22-Aug-19 29-Aug-19 Bali- Komodo 8D/7N US$ 3210
1-Sep-19 5-Sep-19 Komodo-Komodo 5D/4N US$ 1850
8-Sep-19 12-Sep-19 Komodo-Komodo 5D/4N US$ 1850
15-Sep-19 26-Sep-19 Maumere-Ambon 12D/11N On Request
29-Sep-19 08-Oct-19 Ambon-Kaimana 10D/9N On Request
11-Oct-19 20-Oct-19 Kaimana-Timika 10D/9N On Request
23-Oct-19 01-Nov-19 Timika-Kaimana 10D/9N On Request

For more information, please email us to info@songlineyachts.com or visit Contact Us page.

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