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Indonesia’s First Fleet of Traditional Bugis Pinisi Schooners, operating since 1993

From the exotic ports of Jakarta, Bali, Ambon and Makassar, the black sails of Indonesia’s Bugis Schooners carried cargoes of spice and porcelain as far as China and the Middle East. The rich history of the Indonesian Archipelago, the Bugis people and of their historical linkods to Maritime Indonesia, represents the key to what SongLine Cruises & SongLine Yachts

offers you as a vacation experience. As you approach your holiday experience, keep in mind that there is no better way to experience the diversity and pristine tranquility of the Indonesian Archipelago, than aboard one of our Traditional Pinisi Schooners. The affordability of an all inclusive crewed sailing holiday here in Indonesia will insure maximization of your investment in quality relaxation time. No matter if you are on a family holiday or a small group of friends traveling together, chartering your own private schooner will provide you with the best value.

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The Traditional Fleet of Indonesia

Established in 1995, the Traditional Fleet of Indonesia is the brainchild of Robin (Retired) & Rima Engel, Directors of SongLine Cruises and Dick Bergsma of Sea Trek.


When we met, Bergsma had already been ferrying international travelers to Indonesia’s outer reaches on Bugis Pinisi schooners for a number of years, while an interest in scuba diving, marine conservation and Indonesian tourism had inspired the Engel’s began commissioning these classic ships to join the Brand Traditional Fleet of Indonesia. With their combined experience, similar objectives and a shared love of the sea, they decided to consolidate independently operated traditional ships into a more efficient fleet to market the idea jointly.

Their operations have since complemented each other perfectly to give visitors to Indonesia a whole range of Marine Tourism oriented options.

Over the years, the Traditional Fleet membership has grown to include many of the traditional vessels operating here in the Republic of Indonesia. While all of the members vessels of this organization are independently operated, this site provides you with a comprehensive summary and access to most of these fine vessels. , 

Co-Founder of the Traditional Fleet

By working together with the other members of the Traditional Fleet we continually try to insure that the fleet is distributed evenly throughout the archipelago providing access to as many of the interesting destinations as possible. Scheduled cruises & private charters are offered, and although the itineraries are of different lengths and operate at different times throughout the year, they follow the same routes the Bugis people sailed for thousands of years. The Traditional Fleet presently provides programs of interest to Scuba Divers, Surfers, Sailing Enthusiasts, Conservation groups, Wildlife explorations and even commercial interests.

The vessels making up the Traditional Fleet are specially designed to suit all kinds of budgets and requirements, from casual tourist to the adventurous backpacker. Each boat comes with its own fully qualified crew and includes all meals prepared on board, fresh water and soft drinks in its cruise price.

Whatever you want to do and whichever vessel you choose to do it on, the beauty of this kind of sailing is that you can head for secluded islands and waters that would be virtually impossible to reach even for the most intrepid traveler. Pristine beaches, uninhabited islands and some of the world’s best dive sites are yours to explore, untouched by tourism and therefore unspoiled. A rich cultural and natural experience, it is the ideal activity to add to any visit to Indonesia. And as the archipelago has so much to offer in the way of sailing, you can have as many return cruises as you like and still not see it all.

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Our yacht charter is the perfect platform for exploring some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the world

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A luxury yacht charter offers all you could imagine and more, from absolute relaxation to breathtaking adventure and treasured family moments

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As racing yacht charter specialists, we offer high quality race yachts to charter. There are various racing yachts which are available to charter

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Our fun, safe and educational Surfing Programs are an excellent school activity for students of all ages and ability.

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Recreational anglers support the long-term health of ocean fisheries by serving as our eyes and ears on the water and sharing information on their fishing activities

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Providing an adventure full of unique experiences, an expedition cruise lets you learn all about the history and culture of the remote destinations you visit