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The Mentawai's position in the Indian Ocean put them in the ultimate spot to pick up phenomenal amounts of swell. Add that swell to the ideal geography of the islands and you end up with the seemingly endless array of perfect set-ups on offer. In no other place on earth can you find such an abundance of world class waves in such a small area breaking with such consistency. There are set-ups for every type of wind and swell condition. Clean, head high waves are virtually guaranteed even if there is no obvious groundswell running.

While great waves can be found in the Mentawai all year 'round, most people choose to go during the dry season between March and November when the Indian Ocean is at its most active. Whatever month you go, and whatever the wind, swell, and tide conditions happen to be, somewhere in the Mentawai will be working and very likely pumping.

Perhaps the best thing about the islands is that the perfection isn't limited to the dozen or so famous breaks you've seen in the surf mags and movies. There are plenty of other lesser known and even yet to be discovered breaks that would be considered a dream wave in any surfer's book.

Full Charter Rate 14 Days

Full Boat Charter Days Perday RATES
Max trip 12  $       4.891,00  $  58.692
half 1st day 0,5  $       4.891,00  $    2.446
half last day 0,5  $       4.891,00  $    2.446
Mentawai GovTax @100 USD PP    $           100,00  $        800
    TOTAL  $  64.383







Boheiman Baru

THE BOAT – Bohemian Baru is a 62' aluminum power catamaran custom-built by the owner/operators Steve Bridge and Charlie Harris. It was built specifically for surf charter.

THE SKIPPER - Steve Bridge was born in England, raised in Australia, and has since spent his time between California, Indonesia, and Oz. He has operated four different surf charter boats in Indonesian waters during the last twenty years. Two of these he built himself.

The captain has been operating surf charter boats in Sumatra for over 15 years. Steve's knowledge of the breaks and conditions means you'll be at the right place at the right time to get plenty of surf. Steve has top of the line digital photo equipment and at the end of the charter you can get a CD photo album the trip and your waves.


THE CHEF - and first mate Ann has been in charge of the galley for 5 years now. She continues the tradition of great food. Ann cooks all the western dishes (and desserts) that you like plus a tasty assortment of her native Thai food. Good surf may be dependent on the conditions, but we guarantee you delicious, healthy food day in and day out on Bohemian Baru. Be prepared to gain weight.


Guests on Bohemian Baru sleep in the privacy of twin-berth cabins (not dorm style accommodation like most surf charter boats). The saloon is very large and light and airy with ample seating area, with big screen TV, VCD, and stereo. There is power available 24 hours a day to charge the batteries for your video cameras and other gear. The boat is fully air-conditioned, has a water maker, and is equipped with all modern navigational and safety equipment as well as a satellite telephone.

On deck there is plenty of room to lounge around in the cockpit or under a large deck tent. Bohemian Baru is powered by two diesel engines and cruises at 10-12 knots.

Schedule 2018

BB1 Feb. 7 - Feb. 18 Available
BB2 Feb. 21 - Mar. 3 Available
BB3 Mar. 6 - Mar. 17 Available
BB4 Mar. 20 - Mar. 31 Available
BB5 Apr. 3 - Apr. 14 Available
BB6 Apr. 18 - Apr. 29 Available
BB7 May 5 - May 16 Available
BB8 May 19 - May 30 Available
BB9 June 2 - June 15 Available
BB10 June 16 - June 27 Available
BB11 June 30 - July 11 Available
BB12 July 14 - July 25 Available
BB13 July 28 - Aug. 8 Available
BB14 Aug. 11 - Aug. 24 Available
BB15 Aug. 25 - Sep. 5 Available
BB16 Sep. 8 - Sep. 19 Available
BB17 Sep. 22 - Oct. 3 Available
BB18 Oct. 6 - Oct. 17 Available
BB19 Oct. 20 - Oct. 31 Available
BB20 Nov. 3 - Nov. 14 Available
BB21 Nov. 17 - Nov. 28 Available

2018 RATES

Charters 9 - 19 -- $3,740 / person

Charters 6 - 8 & 20 - 21 -- $3,290 / person

Charters 1 - 5 & 22 - 24 -- $2,690 / person