Bali – Sumba via AIR and Cruise with us !

Anne Judith, is one of those special boats, lots of caracter, lots of solid space and build to last a very long time. From our eyes she is pretty high end surf classed and operating in an area not often frequented by most anyone. I might add that this area is great for many types of adventures not just limited to surf. If your a fisherman or just a cruiser, jump on your date if the boat is available ! We will show you and expedition that you will always remember.









Sumba Explorer: Seven Days in an Empty Surfing Paradise

Welcome to Sumba, one of Indonesia’s final frontiers for world class empty waves. A place with year-round swell, a stunning coastline, and where both boat and land resort traffic continues to be (thankfully!) minimal. The Anne Judith spent two months in the area in early 2016, and in 2017 is now offering seven day trips in what is the best season in Sumba, at the tail end of the wet season, and the transition into the dry season. Expect great 3-6 foot conditions across the island, and without the blown out afternoons and sometimes maxed out surf of the dry season.
Your trip will start from either the Tambolaka or Waingapu airports, both a short 1 hr flight from Bali. From either airport, 90 minutes on a good road takes you directly to the boat. Starting from West Sumba, your journey commences with the perfect lines of Pero Left, a fast hollow down the line barrel that is a wonderful beginning or end to our trips. From there you begin your traverse across the entire south coast of Sumba. From Pero it’s a short hop to the fun beach/reef waves of Wainjapu, at the foot of megalithic villages, and then the Marosi area, with two powerful left and right reef breaks, and the long perfect lines of the Kerewe point break. The journey then takes you to a couple of secrets, and then to Miller’s Right a perpetual favorite that never fails to hold our attention for a couple of days. From there, the boat heads to Mangkudu, a paradise island that looks like something out of the South Pacific, and depending on the wind, has either a left or a right on offer, with the latter one of Indonesia’s premier big wave breaks when large swell is on tap. We end the trip in the 5-0’s area, which has three breaks, and a nice road over to the Waingapu airport. There are other waves we won’t mention here, but expect to surf six-eight breaks on your seven day trip.
Sumba is perfect for people who want peace, quiet, beautiful scenery, and empty surf. It’s a perfect seven day trip, and other than surfing, there is world class fishing, spearfishing, snorkeling, visits to villages, and even a river exploration up into the fertile rice fields inland from the coast.
The Anne Judith only carries six people (eight if anyone wants to bring children and or spouses)  - we prefer it with less people on the boat, and none in the water.