Wildlife and Sailing Exploration Cruises to THE KOMODO NATIONAL PARK

Recognition of the importance of Indonesia's wildlife asset is evidenced by extensive involvement of prestigious organizations like the WWF, The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, plus a long list of other organization working through the Archipelago. These organizations, in close cooperation with Indonesian conservation interests, have made great strides in developing programs designed to address the need to conserve Indonesia's wildlife and natural environment.
Travelers interested in this type of tourism must be prepared to forge their way to isolated locations in order to truly experience the essence of this type of holiday. With Indonesia's 13,000 islands, this access is often by boat. SongLine Cruise vessels provide service into many of Indonesia's national parks, and by using our shipboard accommodations, travelers can avoid the often simple park accommodations.
Travelers interested in the Komodo Dragon can access the Komodo National Park and surrounding islands of the Nusa Tenggara (just east of Bali and Lombok) on 3, 4, 7 and 10 day cruises any time of the year. In peak season (June-September), additional cabins are provided to insure plenty of space for all interested in this natural experience. Flights from Bali are daily and you can fly to the small fishing port of Labuhan Bajo on the Western tip of Flores for the best access to Indonesia's Komodo National Park.




Wanua Value Pack for budget travelers, a great program from Lombok to Komodo oneway or roundtrip. 3 nights/4 days, inclusive of food and water and a place to sleep !

KLM Lambo 2017

This comfortable barefoof cruiser services both divers and none divers and visits the prime destinations in the Archipelago

KLM Ceng 2017

KLM Safari 5 days/4 nights Cruising the Komodo National Park is perfect for those who understand the value of


KLM Ombak Putih 2017

KLM Ombak Putih 2015/16 Bali to Komodo - 7 days/6 nights Itinerary


KLM Al-Isra 2017

KLM Alisra 2016/17 Lombok - Komodo & Komodo to Lombok 7 days Itinerary

Dates 2017

SV Adelaar 2017

SV Adelaar 2016/17 Bali - Sumbawa - Komodo National Park - Bali A full schedule of 11 day cruise programs for divers and non-divers alike, always including the Komodo National Park Scheduled Departure Dates. Private Charters can be arranged for this Special Vessel.

KLM Moana 2017

KLM Moana 2016/17 Bali - Sumbawa - Komodo National Park - Bali "Selected departures visit Sumba" A full schedule of 7 day cruise programs for divers and non-divers alike. Scheduled Departure Dates


KLM Lady 2017

KLM Lady will operate in the Komodo area, May-September 7 days/6 nights Itinerary as well as a comfortable program just in the Komdo National Park for 5 day





KLM Mae M 2017

KLM Mae 2017 Komodo National Park. A full schedule of 4-7 night cruise programs for divers and non-divers. This is a special vessel, and more than comfortable for those that select her to cruise with.


Jemme CAT 2017

This fine performance CAT has moved to Komodo for the month of APRIL and MAY 2017, after which time she will return to her home port in Bali and operate day and short 3-4 day expeditions to those special isolated islands around Lombok !








Each of these Super Yachts has moved to mini cruise ship status as a trial run in 2017 with a short series of Scheduled cruises in Komodo and Raja Ampat. The concept should be clear, take the largest super yacht available in the Indonsian Archipelago and offer her 10 cabins and all the water sport toys aboard including diving to travelers looking the highest standard of service and the most luxurious vessel available. Every requirement that you might image will be addressed as your embark on one of these special 5 day expeditions around Komodo over the months of MARCH - SEPT 2017. This vessel is also offered a limited number of departures around the Raja Ampat Group of islands in West Papua JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2017. Aboard this fine yacht, you will be marvelled at the fine food experiences you will be assured of experiencing, while taking these five special days to relax in total luxury aboard Indonesia's finest Super Yacht KM Salila or KLM Alila as well as Mutiara Laut

The winners in these special programs are those that take advantange of these offers !




The Super Yacht Salila




The Super Yacht ALILA






Starting in March 2017 we will be offering 3 different cruises which are available on a per cabin bases. Each cruise will bring its own beauty and give you a once in a lifetime experience on board the Schooner “Mutiara Laut”, hailed as one of the most beautifully built classic yachts in its class.
Our voyages are all-inclusive:  premium luxury stateroom, fine dining, drinks including our selected house wine and house mixes, on-board massages, snorkeling, diving, water-sports and on land excursions. Our experienced and friendly crew will take care of all your needs during these cruises.

scheduled dates for 2017 click here Mutiara Laut