Pioneer Adventure

To understand this program a review of all itinearies needs to be done, we invite you to take your time and study each zone in detail.


The services of this program provide access to the Barrier Islands of the West Coast of Sumatra facing the Great Indian Ocean. While this area is a Mecca for Surfers, these Island communities are divers and well worth visiting.

Natuna Islands

The Natuna Islands are a perfect example of a place most people have never been able to access in Indonesia. The ports visit in this island group make up an important part of Indonesia’s Western Sea Border.


Traveling within Kalimantan is another subject in itself, but the programs offered here, allow you to enter and exit the massive island from three different directions and perspectives. The Western entrance from Riau is via Sintete in West Kalimantan or via the Eastern Coast via Kota Baru, East Kalimantan to or from the West Sulawesi port of Majene. The Southern enterance is to or from the Javanese Port of Semarang.

Madura Islands

Madura used to be isolated and accessible only via boat, but with the new bridge from Surabaya that has changed the access a little but the outer islands are still very special places nd the Madura people are unique for sure.

Timor & Alor Archipelago

These islands have to be classed as some of the best of Eastern Indonesia, but also isolated from Flores or Timor and only one airport, that we know of. The Alor Archipelago stretches across the Northern edge of Timor and boarders the new nation of Timor Leste.


Sulawesi is visited my many people, but few have had the opportunity to experience the outer islands where life is easy but hard at the same time.

Kei and Tanibar Islands for fareasten Indonesia

Kie and Tanibar represent the most extreme eastern islands of the Indonesian Archipelago. They have rich Dutch history and pure island cultures that have been isolated by very infrequent air services for many years.


This region conjures up the true adventure in everyone, Wemena and Belem are far more primitive then their PNG neighbors and are a must see for anyone want to get on the edge, However, these destinations do not even come near to the state of isolation that our programs can take you, up interior rivers along coastal expanses of Canderwasi Bay and the WWII History of Biak all are touched by this service.

Papua Southern Coast & The Raja Ampat Islands

This zone again, has been seen by only a few, from M we visit upriver and along the coastal areas of an area still unknown to tourism in the true since of the word.

North Maluccas & Halmahera

The island of Halmahera is known for its bird life and thick jungles, the North Moluccas are new to the tourism theme but still full of interesting WWII history and untouched environments.