Pioneer Adventure Cruise Program

When anyone looks at a complete map of the Indonesian Archipelago, you start to realize the size of this fantastic country. It can be consider an adventurers paradise, with more than 17,000 islands almost as many cultural perspectives, thick jungles, majestic rivers and a population of tolerant and friendly people.

For years, our traditional fleet has been attempting to attract and service diving and sailing adventure travelers to some of these fantastic destinations not accessible to most travelers. But there are so many isolated places we can never service them all……..the following new Pioneer Adventure Routes give a select few people yet another perspective on how to see Indonesia. PLEASE NOTE THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART, NOT FOR THOSE THAT NEED SPECIAL ATTENTION and not for those that need Air Conditioning! But if you have been trying to figure out how to get almost anywhere that no one goes in the Indonesian Archipelago you have just found it !

In the late 1990’s this network of government subsidized small coastal freighters was developed to provide developmental support to the economic well being of small islands and ports throughout the archipelago. The Indonesian Department of Perhubungan (transportation) today has developed an impressive network of Perintis routes and this program has been designed to support their developemental objectives for small islands and ports by encouraging adventure tourism to access to some of the most isolated corners of this great archipelago.

Figure 1 Contracted Heavier Cargo CarrierFigure 2 Standard Coastal Cruiser















The network today carries exotic fruit corps from isolated islands, handy crafts from some of Papua’s more exotic clans and returns food stuffs and necessary supplies to some destinations that you might not even have heard of. As we have developed this program, we have come across some very special World War II sites, which we will explore more and add to this programs information content over programs first accountable year being 2011. In as much as this program is of a Pioneer nature, we have implemented a behind the scene research plan that will attempt to collect additional information about special points of interest and cultural background on all of these new areas. This information will be available here and on Google Earth in 2011, in our attempt to link today’s technology with your desire to explore this great archipelago.