Camden, Maine USA & Jakarta, Indonesia

A Record of our efforts and contributions to Rebuild North Sumatra after the effects of

Tsunami in 2004

KLM Maruta Jaya 900 GT

I recall the day of the 2004 Tsunami, I was with my family aboard KLM Ratu Rima in Bira, South Sulawesi, taking some time off to enjoy the holidays. Rafi, my 4 year old son, was using one of our water tanks as a swimming pool and Rima my wife was reading and preparing for an upcoming test at University. The first news on this event came from another member of our Traditional Fleet Family who had received a call from his wife in the Philippines asking if he was ok. Her description spread quickly though our home port harbor, but because we were in an isolated area, I never saw pictures of the devastation till almost 2 days later.

Capt Ray Williamson of Maine Windjammer Cruises was again visiting Indonesia with his family in Bali and apparently found out about this event in pretty much the same way. Once the two of us got together five days later, we both knew we wanted to something to help those effected by this Biblical event.

For several years Capt Ray and I had been following the history of the vessel KLM Maruta Jaya, which is one of the world's youngest Tall Ships. She was constructed in the 1980's as a proto-type sailing cargo vessel by Hamburg University and the Indonesian Department of Technology. This majestic vessel had lost her way in the life of classic ships and was struggling to make profit for her present operators hauling cement and Palm Oil seeds over short routes around the Indonesian Archipelago. We had tried to purchase her several times, but even with attractive offers, we were not in the financial position to take on such a philanthropic project in the name of our love for such a magnificent vessel. However, after some quick conversations with the operators, we all agreed that with the assistance of the people of Camden, Maine and a little of our own money, we would take KLM Maruta Jaya and do what we could to help the people of North Sumatra.

Over the next 5 months Capt Ray. myself and the people of PT Admiral Lines, entered the world of Relief Aid Cargo. Interacting with the likes of Care International, The UN, Save The Children, Amercare and a long list of others, we attempted to find cargo to carry to the effected area. I can only summarize that experience, by many new gray hairs, sleepless nights and thousands of phone calls and phone cards which I am pleased to say ended with a good feeling that we did do something to help.

I would like to thank everyone that participated and contributed to our efforts and the following is a short series of photos that are now committed to history as the efforts of the

Maine Windjammer Relief Effort, 2005.



Departure #

Start Date

End Date

Project Objective



April 1,2005

May 17, 2005

Surf Island Relief Delivery
+ 800 MT of immediate NFA for Nia's * Semaleu Island Joint Operation with CARE International. Onward service to Banda Aceh and Medan.



May 18, 2005

June 18, 2005

Joint Expedition Care International & Save The Children - Cargo Loaded and vessel departed Jakarta 18 MAY. Destinations Nias & Simeulu

Padang, NIAS, Simelue, Banda Aceh or Jakarta

June 18, 2005

July 18, 2005

Looking for Project

Present Position is Medan, looking for Cargo !

Lampung or Padang

July 18, 2005

July , 2005

Looking for Project

Lampung or Padang

July , 2005

August 26, 2005

Looking for Project

Lampung or Padang

August 27, 2005

Sept 26, 2005

Looking for Project

Lampung or Padang

Sept 27, 2005

Oct 26, 2005

Looking for Project

Project Charters in 30 day increments are perferred, but shorter period will be considered
Cost Contributions are negotiable, but are only meant to off-set costs
Project Participation is subject to the approval of Windjammer Relief Effort Inc.

The Crew of KLM Maruta Jaya 9000


Fishing Boat Kits - Boarded to the vessel, assembled and training Assembly onboard

Temporary House Kits - Boarded to the vessel, assembled and train Assembly onboard

Special interest in outer island village delivery


APRIL 6 Jakarta:
KLM Maruta Jaya set sail late this evening headed West to the Sunda Straits, rounded the Southern Tip of Sumatra. As the seasonal winds were changing the vessel was cruising at a average speed of 4-5 knots.

Over the past week, efforts and negotiations were underway to find competent ground staff to assist with distribution of NIF Aid in the recently effected area of Nia's Island. It was determined that due to a lack of staff and apparent recent distributions in this area, our vessel was instructed to proceed directly to Semiulu and to make contact with the CARE Staff in place on this island.

APRIL 20 Semiulu:
Early this morning Capt Ray Williamson arrived in Semalue via air from Medan where detailed plans were being finalized for distribution of NFI, provided by CARE International.

MAY 1, Semiulu
With a limited cargo remaining aboard of Water Purification Systems, KLM Maruta Jaya has been ordered to position approx 30 hours to the Island of NIAS where this type of material is needed.

MAY 7, Semiulu
After waiting for a Indonesian Navy ship to complete discharging additional Aid, KLM Maruta Jaya discharged her cargo, loaded an additional 5 Tone of fuel and set sail for Jakarta, with an ETA of 16 May.

May 12, at Sea off Padang
With 30 knot winds on her stern KLM Maruta Jaya was cruising a 11 knots off the Coast of Padang and Benkulu headed to Jakarta.



STATS on KLM Maruta Jaya 900 GT (For Cargo Loading)

Builder PT PAL, Surabaya
Year of Commission 1990
Class KI + A100 Motor Sailor
Length 64m
Beam 12m
Depth 6.50m
Draft 4.70m
Speed 6-12nm
Dead Weight 900 GT
Crew 17 Indonesian
No. of Cargo Holds 2
Cargo Capacity 1689 m3 (Grain)
1606 m3 (Bale)
Cargo Gear 3 – 5 ton

Hold-Hatch Coaming & Hatch Cover

Upper Hold # 1 Grain 432 m3
Bale 411 m3
Lower Hold # 1 Grain 381 m3
Bale 362 m3
Upper Hold # 2 Grain 449 m3
Bale 427 m3
Lower Hold # 2 Grain 427 m3
Bale 406 m3

Communications Equipment SSB
Weather FAX

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0816-1106-189 HP

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