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Sandeq RaceIf you're planning a visit to Indonesia in the month of August or September, the Sandeq Race is something that you might want to include in your itinerary. The Sandeq Race 2011 is now in its 11th year. This year's competition includes 30+ of these traditional boats, crewed by local fishermen from a new Provience call West Sulawesi. This new provience is the home of he Mandarese people who have used these fast fishing vessels to return their catch to market as quickly as possible. The race starts in the city of Majene, and ends 7 days later in the capital of South Sulawesi, Makassar. Each city visited during this open sea race, throws a local festival with dancing, music and local foods. After this festive event in Majene, the race moves on to Polewali, and yet another event is launched, the process continues till the race arrives in Makassar, and merges with the National Independence Day celebrations in that historic port. All 30+ Sandeq vessels stern in along Makassar's Pantai Losari . When you add this to our fleets of traditional vessels. Makassar is going to be a special place for that PHOTO OP that everyone hopes to have at the end of there holiday !

So, why not charter one of our vessels, or join one of our August programs to follow this important Makassar cultural event! OR If you are really interested in Sailing, please contact us, as one of our Pinisi Schooners is scheduled to follow the complete "Sail Indonesia Yacht Rally" to carry race organizers and some lucky participating "paying" join on guests, space will be limited on this official vessel, so advance planning is suggested.

Race Schedule 2011:

PROPOSED SCHEDULE LINK TO THE OFFICAL SANDEQ 2011 SITE....Please do note that in the past this now famous race has been held in the month of August to coenside with the Indonesian Independence Day celibrations. However in 2011, the whole month of August is the Islamic Month of Fasting and for that reason the race is scheduled for the month of September !

Tuesday, Sept 6: Mamuju - Deking, Malunda
Wednesday, Sept 7: Malunda - Somba
Thursday, Sept 8: Somba - Majene
Friday, Sept 9 : Harbour Race, Majene, plus a number of small boats races and other stuff
Saturday, Sept 10: Majene - Polewali
Sunday, Sept 11: Harbour Race, Polewali, and becak races and cultural festival
Monday. Sept 12: Polewali - Ujung Lero
Tuesday, Sept 13: Harbour Race, Bay of Pare-Pare, and fisherman's festival, Ujung Lero
Wednesday, Sept 14:Cappa Batu - Pare-Pare - Barru
Thursday, Sept 15: Barru - Makassar
Friday, Sept 15: Additional Leg: Tanjung Bunga - Samalona - Pantai Losari double circuit 



This year we are offering the same package program for travelers interested in a real cultural experience among Indonesian people that seldom see tourists. For those interested, you can join any of the dates mentioned above, on a per night basis (2 day/1 night minimum) @ $90 USD per day or the complete program for $720 USD per person for the 8 day race event.

On arrival back in Makassar, all the Independence Day celebrations started, with local speed boat races two days of rock concerts and no less than 20 local bands.

All in all, this was a fun week !


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