Traditional Sailing Yacht Club

The small Bugis village's of Bira, Tanah Beru and Ara, at the Southern most tip of South Sulawesi is a place that anyone interested in Sailing, Bugis Culture and fantastic beaches should visit. Located in the Kabupaten of Bulukumba, Bira is also the core of the Bugis Sailing Culture and wooden boat building industry.

Over the years, members of the Traditional Fleet have come to this area to hand craft our fine sailing ships. We consider the harbor of Bira our home port and for that reason, we have planned the development of The Traditional Sailing Club of Indonesia. We envision a place where sailors from around the world can interact with the Bugis ship Capitan's, crews and builders in a comfortable traditional setting that will hopefully provide a massive wealth of information and photographs of the heritage of Indonesia's sailing culture.

In 2015 & 16, the Indonesian Government has plotted a new direction for Marine Tourism and Marina's are one of our prime targets. Our little harbor in Bira has not changed much, but we expect in 2016 to embark on an agressive plan to find investment funds to develop a network of marina's throughout this great archipelgic nation and Bira will be one of the early locations.

Rimayanti & Rafi, Joint Commodor's of the
Traditional Sailing Club of Indonesia

Traditional Sailing Yacht Club

The newly constructed harbor of Bira, South Sulawesi, is busy with newly constructed cargo vessels and several vessels of the Traditional Fleet. The village of Bira, sits on a small peninsula at the Southern most point of the island of South Sulawesi and is cultural epicenter of Bugis culture.

Plans are already underway to develop a world class marina facility in this harbor. The development is a joint venture between the Traditional Fleet together with the Indonesian Department of Transportation and the Department of Tourism and the Kaputaten of Bulukumba. The Marina will house:

  • The Traditional Sailing Club of Indonesia
  • The Traditional Fleet Marine store
  • Yanmar or Mitsubishi Marine engine service center
  • Marine Biology Lab
  • A series of condominium residences for Club residence

Traditional Sailing Yacht Club

Long term plans call for development of the marina to accommodate additional vessels, by:

  • Dredging the harbor
  • Dock and Mooring System installation
  • Water and Electrical services dockside
  • Fuel facilities

All these services are planned to provide service to all vessels visiting Bira, harbor.

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