Poopoh, Bunaken, Bangka, Gangga, Lembeh
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KM Paisabatu

Some areas of Indonesia are known, but have been very difficult to access. KM Paisabatu has elected to depart her previous crusing grounds of the Togian's and give a go to Manado and Lembeh Straits. Now in as much as this area has considerable services already, KM Paisabatu has elected to cover this area with a sence of detail other boats have not yet provided. The area of Manado is known for its diverse diving, but this vessel is targeting in on areas not often visited and will provide you with a perspective not yet experienced by most.



Arrival in Manado. Staff at the airport and transfer to the boat in Bitung. Welcome drink, lunch, briefing, dive equipment setting up. Minutes of navigation will bring us to a quiet anchorage in the Lembeh strait where we'll spend the night. 


After a light breakfast and the first dive briefing, we are ready for the check dive. For this first dive we bring you to to Nudi retreatone one the most famous dive of  Lembeh and a good introduction to the North Sulawesi marine life: On the black black sand and reefs covers with soft corals, your guides will find for you a nice nudibranches, pygmea sea horses, Pegasus, Banggai cardinal fishes in their anemones, leaf  scorpion fishes, mantis shimps and many other species.
Back to the boat it is time for a good breakfast.
The second dive is named Angel Window because of an opening in the reef.  Around a submerged rock, a wall and a reef with a sandy slope.  Beautiful gorgonians and colorfull Feather stars with their shrimp, clingfish or squat lobster host. You can also generally find Ghost pipe fishes, scorpion fishes, shrimps and nudibranches Nembrotha and Flabellidae on the last part of the dive.
After this dive a 3 hours navigation will bring us to the beautiful bay of Sahaunge, fringed with mangroves,  in Bangka Island.Third dive in BangkaTanjung Husi : Crocodile fishes, devil fish, cuttlefish, nice soft corals.
Beautiful night dive on the same dive site. 
Night anchorage in the quiet bay of Sahaunge.


3 dives on the East side of Bangka Island.

Batu Gosoh : Complex of rocks, walls and rocks. Beautiful soft topography and soft and black corals coverage. 30 mts. Pygmea sea horses, Snappers, groupers, thunas and sometne reef sharks. Flat worms, nudibranches.

Tanjung Toto : Wall and rocks, 22 mts, very beautiful dive. Nudibranches, orang utan crabs.

Batu tiga : Rocks and sand, leaf fishes, lot of macro.

Night dive.


On this second day we will dive around Bangka island on Sahaunge pinnacles2 dive spots close to the bay with Rocks, soft corals, tubastrea corals, gorgious reef with dense fish life.  Eels and ruban eels, white tip sharks juveniles, jackfishes. Third dive on Batu Tiga, a must for macro life:  frogfishes, ghost pipe fishes, and many other creatures.

We spend the night at Paradise, where we propose one of the best night dive of North Sulawesi, Paradise Jetty.


Some more dives on the East coast of Bangka islands. You will discover "Batu gosoh", a set of rock formations droping down in the blue with walls covered with soft corals and fantastic rocks sceneries in the morning light. Nice variety of flat worms and nudibranches, ghost pipe fish, pigmea sea horse, etc. The second dive at Tanjung Toto is also very interesting. Our third dive will be on the North Coast of Sulawesi, Mokotamba, a nice macro dive with ghost pipe fish, orang outan crabs, nudibranches Chromodoris Bullocki, finsihing along a beautiful wall very rich in flabellinae nudibranches. The night dive will be on this same spot, with some spanish dancers and a wide variety of crustaceans. After dinner, we will leave for Bunaken national Park.


When we wake up, we are already close to Bunaken island. Our first dive will be on Sachiko, a wall dive drift with large fishes as Napoleons wrasse, Tunas, whiteor black tip sharks, baracudas and some clouds of red tooth trigger fish. The 2 other dives will be on the island of Bunaken, mostly wall diving with a great fish life, big turtles, anr wonderful corals reef top. NIght dive on the wall of Alumbanua, with all the polyps of the tubastrea corals out.


Another day in the Bunaken National Park, with a choice of dives on the island of Bunaken and on the Sulawesi coast that we choose accoridng to the tide and the weather conditions. Among them, the Molas wreck ,the drif ofTanjung Pisau among the large Tubastrea corals, Ron's pointManado Tua. After the night divewe will head back to the North Coast of Sulawesi where we arrive at 2 AM. If some guests are interested, we organize a visit to the nice village of Alumbanua on Bunaken island.


Some more dives on the North tip of the peninsula, with Batu Mandi, a an extremely rich dive, with Pigmea sea horses, Frogfish, ruban eels, Phylodesmium nudibranches, mantis shrimps, and a gorgious wall. Second dive,Pulisan, is sand and rocks, sea horses, flamboyant cuttlefish, frogfish and ghost pipefish. We then enter the Lembeh Strait and will bring you at 5:00 PM to a special Mandarin dive. Just before dust, the mandarin fishes get out for mating and this is an incredible show. The dive can afterwards continue in a night dive for the more fanatic divers.

DAY 10

We are now in Lembeh Strait ready for serious muck diving. Black sand & creatures on the hot spots, Tike, Pantai Parigi, Jahir, Hairball. Follow the guides who will find for you the frog fish, Sea horses, Mimic octopus or wonderpuss, flamboyant cuttle fish, rare nudibranches. 3 muck dives in lembeh and a night dive. 

DAY 11

Our last day of diving. One more muck dive in lembeh, and we go to the North of the strait wher we dive a pinnacle, beautiful rock with soft corals and many creatures.After the lunch, we go to shore to Tankoko national park where we can see some other tupes of creatures: Sulawesi black macaques, tarsiers, red hornbills. 

DAY 12

After the breakkfast, we are ready to ceck out and disembark.