The Rivers of Borneo

Basic Program (see schedule for diviations)

Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan

Scheduled Departures & Charters (Minimum 4 passengers)

The Rivers of Kalimantan (Borneo) has always excited me and while for many years, tourism traffic up and down these mighty rivers have been less than popular, today we are pleased to again present them. Reading about what Kalimantan has to offer will take some time to accomplish, but in a nut shell, you can find Orangutans, Dayak Cultures, massive rain forests, colorful handcrafts, gold and diamonds. Now if that list does not wet your appetite nothing well.

There are many great rivers in Kalimantan but this program delivers you to the heart of the activities in immediate striking distance to all that you would ever want to see. These programs can be expanded on with additional visits to the worlds best Orangutan Sanctuaries, jungle treks and visits to numerous conservation programs.

If you are adventurous, this program is well worth considering

5 DAY Rungan River Cruise Rahai'i Pangun

Relax and take in the lush, exotic scenery along the slow, meandering rivers not seen by tourists before. Glimpse the native orangutans in their native habitat and experience traditional lifestyles.

Day 1:      Arrive direct from Jakarta and transfer to your comfortable cabin in the Rahai’i Pangun. Join us on the viewing deck for a welcoming drink and begin your journey along the forest lined rivers. Steaming through Palangkaraya city and its original boardwalk villages on the river edge, we proceed to the Rungan River.

Day 2:      From the peaceful overnight mooring, we continue along a beautiful stretch of river, perfect reflections in the water, quiet fishing activities, and glimpses of bird life and animal life in the verdant jungle. Stop at the Danau Tahai black water lake, and leave the boat for an optional visit to the Borneo Orangutan Survival Rehabilitation Centre. Walk around the boardwalks in the adjacent forest reserve and catch glimpses of young orangutans going about their daily lessons in jungle craft, with their baby sitters. In the education centre, guests will be shown a presentation of the BOS program. We continue on the boat, enjoying sunset over the river.

Day 3:      At dawn, the energetic can climb nearby Mt Tangkiling. From the summit, watch the forest mist gradually thin out to reveal the sleepy hamlet and the river glistening among the trees.

Return to the boat for another delicious fresh brewed coffee and breakfast, as we continue up the Rungan. Watch out for orangutans, macaques, elusive proboscis monkeys, gibbons and langurs, as well as the dramatic birdlife – gliding fish eagles and the curious hornbills.

We continue to a traditional village and learn about the local livelihood activities, from hulling rice, to carving their machete handles, weaving rattan mats and bags, to building canoes and drying fish. Stroll through their village to see traditional fruits and products of the forest, including the famed durian and rare and expensive perfume vine. Our quiet mooring is adjacent a blackwater lake. Leave the boat in the evening by canoe, and quietly enter the lakes, using the torchlight to spot nocturnal animals.

Day 4:      Early morning, join local fisher folk in the nearby black water lake, watch and join in with their fishing practices and canoeing skills. Optional fishing excursion.

Optional speedboat excursion to the local centre of Tumbang Jutuh  to the traditional longhouse village of Tumbang Malahoi. Experience the traditional mountain Dayak way of life  in these stilted extended family homes. The village has excellent examples of sapundu, or carved totem poles and sandung, traditional bone houses. Find out about the Dayak faith, Kaharingan, and visit a Temple in the village. This trip is subject to river conditions.

Rejoin the boat for the final evening under the stars.

Day 5:      Return down river to Tangkiling, where you will be transferred to the airport, or to join other tours. Other options include a swim, massage and comfortable night in the Kalimantan Meeting Centre (additional cost) before your return to the urban jungle.

Transport from airport or hotel to boat
Double, twin or triple berth cabins
All food while on boat. Accommodation and food is of a high standard .

Excluding :
Airfares to Central Kalimantan
Optional off boat tours


2014 Departure Dates Departure Port

5-9 : Long weekend cruise
(availability 5-7 only)

20-22: Weekend cruise (availability)

23-28: Midweek cruise + longhouse safari
Palangka Raya

3-5: Weekend cruise (availability)

10-12: Weekend cruise
(Rahai'i Pangun fully booked)

15-21: Mid week cruise & longhouse safari (availability)

17-20: Weekend cruise

Palangka Raya

2-4: Weekend cruise (availability)


26-28: Weekend cruise (availability)
Palangka Raya

6-8: Weekend cruise (availability)

25-26 : 5 day mid-week cruise (availability
Palangka Raya

4-6: Weekend cruise (availability)

17-20: Long weekend cruise (availability
Palangka Raya

10-15 :House boat Spirit of Borneo cruise

14-17: Long weekend cruise (availability)

24-28 : Mid week cruise (availability)

Palangka Raya
These vessels are available for private charters during non-cruise weeks.