Cruising The Full Indonesian Archipelago


Komodo National Park !

For divers and non-divers alike !

SV Adelaar                       REFIT COMPLETE TO 5 STAR LEVELS

This classic schooner has seen several years of continuous wildlife expedition work in the Komodo region. This vessel is fully air-conditioned and is designed to cater to the most discerning guthests. The unique feature of is vessel is that she caters to both Divers and Non-divers in her program. If you wife likes to dive and you can not even cope with a mask on your face, SV Adelaar is the perfect vessel for your expedition to the Komodo National Park.

The following dates are offered for individual booking, departing and ending in Bali:

Schedule 2017:

Dates for 2017 Nights From Destination Availability
17 Apr - 27 Apr 10 Bali Komodo LAST BED!
01 May - 11 May 10 Bali Komodo Full
15 May - 25 May 10 Bali Komodo Available
29 May - 08 Jun 10 Bali Komodo Full
12 Jun - 22 Jun 10 Bali Komodo LAST CABIN!
26 Jun - 06 Jul 10 Bali Komodo Available
10 Jul - 20 Jul 10 Bali Komodo Guaranteed
25 Jul - 04 Aug 10 Bali Komodo Guaranteed
07 Aug - 17 Aug 10 Bali Komodo LAST BED!
21 Aug - 31 Aug 10 Bali Komodo Available
04 Sep - 14 Sep 10 Bali Komodo Guaranteed
18 Sep - 28 Sep 10 Bali Komodo Available
02 Oct - 12 Oct 10 Bali Komodo Guaranteed
16 Oct - 26 Oct 10 Bali Komodo Guaranteed
30 Oct - 09 Nov 10 Bali Komodo Guaranteed
13 Nov - 23 Nov 10 Bali Komodo Chartered
27 Nov - 07 Dec 10 Bali Komodo Guaranteed
11 Dec - 21 Dec 10 Bali Komodo Guaranteed
24 Dec - Jan 3, 2018 10 Bali South Komodo special Guaranteed

Master Suite 4,695.- €/pax
Stateroom 2 and 3 4,220.- €/pax
Stateroom 4 3,775.- €/pax


Full boat Charter 31,675.- €

Additional costs will be a Park entry fee of approximately EUR 135.00 .

This vessel carries a MAX of 10 passengers and therefore private chartering should be considered if there are 7 or 8 people in your party. the full boat charter rate for 2017 is 31,675 Euro for the whole boat.

This vessel provides Diving Serices included in the price, but the program is tailored to the needs of the guest, if you dive you are serviced, if you to not, land programs and treks are provided. Son do not be mislead by the text below, this is an adventure and a dive boat in one program !

ITINERARY Bali-Komodo-Bali 11D/10N


This Program is geared towards Divers & Non-Divers alike !



 Day 1 Monday (0 dives) Departure

 0800: Departure from Serangan, Bali


Day 2 Tuesday (2-3 dives) North Sumbawa

Satonda or Balahai for two or three dives.

Land excursion possibilities: an easy stroll on the island of Satonda, visiting the saltwater lake and making a wish according to local traditions: a stone is tied to the branches of a wishing tree on the banks of the lake.


Day 3 Wednesday (4 dives) Entering Komodo National Park.

Gili Lawa Laut for three dives

Plus a night dive in Slawi Bay

Land Excursion possibilities: a trip to the shore to climb the hill on Gili Lawa Laut. It is a rather arduous climb, but the view of the entire National Park makes it well worth the effort.


Day 4 Thursday (3-4 dives) Komodo National Park –Rinca.

Land Excursion: trekking into the interior of Komodo island to seek out the elusive dragons (easy walk of 1.5-3 hours).

Two or three dives & a night dive off Nusa Kode, in the extreme south of Rinca island

Land Excursion possibilities: From our mooring dragons can almost always be observed as they visit the beach during late afternoon. To have a closer look we can approach the beach by dinghy.


Day 5 Friday (4 dives) Komodo National Park – Rinca

Three dives in Nusa Kode & a night dive in Lehok Sera

Land Excursion possibilities: we can go for a relaxed stroll on the beach of Lehok Sera; often we spot herds of Timor deer or wild boars. In season, we can also try wild tamarind fruit from the trees growing close to the beach.


Day 6 Saturday (4 dives) Komodo National Park – South Komodo

There are two dives at Langkoi off Komodo’s south coast & a dive off Padar. Night dives are either a night dive off Padar or a night dive at Wainilu

Conditions permitting, we will set sails as we move from Langkoi to Padar.

Land Excursion possibilities: Both beaches, Padar or Wainilu, are nice places to visit before the night dive for a bit of beach combing. In Wainilu, you can walk up a small hill or a nice view of Rinca and the surrounding islands. We adhere to the strict no take-policy of the National Park.


 Day 7 Sunday (4 dives) Komodo National Park

There will be one dive off Padar, and two dives in the north of the Linta Strait and a night dive in Gili Lawa Darat Bay

Land Excursion possibilities: there is the option for the group to skip the first dive in favor of a hike on Rinca Island; compared to the walk on Komodo itself it is longer and slightly harder, however, usually there are more Komodo dragons (albeit of smaller size) and more wild life in general. In the late afternoon you can visit one of the beaches around Gili Lawa Darat or explore the mangroves in the bay.


Day 8 Monday (4 dives) Exiting Komodo National Park

There are three dives around Gili Lawa Laut and/or in the north of the Linta Strait

The night dive will be in Gili Banta

Another option is to leave the National Park early in the morning and head straight to Gili Banta to dive the famous sites ‘GPS Point’ and ‘Tanduk Rusa’ (or ‘Rollercoaster’); these sites are very nice sites, as good as any site within the boundaries of the National Park (quite a good chance of seeing pelagics or big animals in general – e.g. grey reef or silky sharks and huge schools of fish), however, they tend to be quite ‘hairy’ and finicky in terms of currents and conditions in general. This forces us quite often to do less spectacular sites in the area like ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Swiss Dreams’ – while those sites are far from being bad (still quite a good chance of seeing white tip reef sharks and turtles, there is even something for macro-seekers), they are of lesser quality than sites within Komodo National Park.


Day 9 Tuesday (4 dives) Sangeang

There are three dives around the volcanic island of Sangeang, in the north-east of Sumbawa and a night dive in the north of Bima Bay.


Day 10 Wednesday (2 dives) Moyo

There are two dives off Moyo and shortly after lunch, we leave for Bali.

Land Excursion possibilities: A visit to Lahuhan Haji, a traditional village with houses on stilts. Wander thru the village for a glimpse into the local life.


Day 11 Thursday (0 dives)

Adelaar arrives in Bali, normally between 8am and noon, and guests disembark.










October 2-13, 2018

October 15-26, 2018

October 28-8 Nov, 2018




Per person rate:


Master Suite €             5,921 20%              4,738  €
Staterooms 2/3 €             5,372 20%              4,298  €
Stateroom 4 €             4,858 20%              3,886  €



> Two taxi transfers (to and from the boat)

> Land Activities

> Marine Reserve Activities



> Nitrox package 200€ (optional)

> Fuel surcharge 6-15€/day

> Rental gear (optional)

> Domestic flights to Maumere (MOF)






Day 1 – Maumere, Flores

An early morning flight from the island of Bali, brings you to the harbor town of Maumere on the island of Flores. Our staff will greet you at the airport upon arrival, and accompany you to the Adelaar. A main port town for the island, Maumere harbor has a colorful local market where the women sell an array of handwoven ikats, fresh vegetables, meats and fish. Strategically located on the northern coastline, Maumere has a mixed population of Christians and Muslims, eager to meet tourists interested in their culture. Once onboard, we plan to do a check dive close by, then sail onwards through the night towards North Lembata.


Day 2 – North Lembata

Awake and enjoy a coffee on deck as we start our first full day of diving in this remote location with stunning topographical features and beauty. The narrow strait allows for a steady flow of currents bringing deep water nutrients up to feed the lush corals and marine life. Off in the blue, pelagic creatures often make an appearance. In between dives, keep an eye on the horizon for passing cetaceans, as fall is whale migration season.


Day 3 – Savu Sea

We have sailed south to extremely remote areas, accessible only by liveaboard. We will explore world-class dive sites around the untouched islands of the Savu Sea, which lies in the strait west of Pantar Island. These small islets tend to gather congregations of fish, which makes for a delightful dive as larger reef animals swim past the colorful Indian Ocean reefs.


Day 4 – South Pantar

We start our exploration of Alor’s dive sites in the isolated area of Beangabang, which is a highlight of South Pantar. The small village, built around a church, is situated on a black sand beach. Locals must travel by boat to reach the main towns of Alor to gain access to shops and medical facilities. Down by the jetty, we have the option to walk carefully through a steamy natural volcanic water source. Thanks to the volcanic and fresh water environment, Beangabang’s dive site “Religious critters”, which lies just off the beach, is a haven for weird and macro creatures. Photographers and muck diving enthusiasts will enjoy spending time in the sand looking for these rare wonders.


Day 5 & 6 – Pantar Strait

Picturesque villages cling to the steep rocky slopes of the islands in this Strait, which also hides wonderful and exciting dive sites. We explore the walls, drop-offs, slopes and underwater valleys and ridges of Pantar, Alor and Pura islands. This region has a reputation as a world-class dive destination, with some of the best-preserved reefs in Indonesia. Patchwork fields of varied anemones stretch as far as the eye can see. Hand-woven bamboo fish traps lying in the reef shallows make a picturesque scene. During safety stops, we look up in search of hand-carved outrigger boats of local fishermen. Their children love jumping in the water to visit surfacing divers, wearing incredible homemade glass goggles and big friendly smiles. Alorese hospitality is like nowhere else on earth.


Day 7 – Kalabahi Bay

This morning, we enter a traditional village of the Abui tribe, feared headhunters until 1984. The fierce dance these warriors perform as you enter the village remains unnerving to this day. Enjoy the hypnotic sound of the moko drums as the Abui people dance. For the ceremony, the Abui wear colorful ikats that they have hand-woven in a pattern that is specific to their tribe. As they dance the lego lego, the jingling sound of their metal anklets eerily fills the air with each step.

Our two dives planned for the afternoon and evening will be refreshing after the morning adventures. Kalahahi bay is well known for its exciting muck diving.


Day 8 – Pantar Strait

Just off the shore of Pulau Ternate, dozens of women approach liveaboards to display and sell their hand-made ikats woven in patterns, which reflect the fishing traditions of their respective cast. There is time between our dives today if you wish to purchase one of these unique ikat.

We dive today around the islands of Ternate and Reta for a glimpse into the underwater world teaming with a huge range of fish species and marine life scattered along the colorful walls.


Day 9 – North Adunara

As we sail leisurely towards Flores Island, the landscapes change once more into the dry hills and sandy beaches that became familiar on initial days of our journey. We have saved some of the best and most amazing reefs of the remote islands for last! Lush corals and clouds of fish are on the menu with a side of muck diving later in the day as we embark on a new critter hunt.


Day 10 & 11 – Maumere

Our last days onboard are spent exploring the beautiful coastline and islands near Maumere. The landscape is a postcard-like paradise with white sand beaches and turquoise blue water. We will dive along the walls and ridges looking for sharks and other denizens of the deep.


Day 12 – Goodbye!

Breakfast will be served onboard before you disembark and are transferred to the airport or to your hotel. We wish you a safe onward journey and hope you enjoyed your time on the Adelaar, made new friends and had the experience of a lifetime.