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The Mutiara Laut is a classic two-mast schooner that recalls romantic oceanic adventures of yore and is carefully constructed to cater to your every sea-faring fantasy. The design of the Mutiara Laut (Pearl of the Sea) is based on that of an 18th century North Atlantic schooner combined with some local Indonesian influence: that of the traditional “Phinisi-boat”.

Both the exterior and the interior represent a harmonious fusion of eclectic Asian and classic European craftsmanship in an effortless symbiosis of modern stylishness and old world charm. The entire effect - beautifully supplemented by the intricate carvings of Balinese artisans - is that of a “floating luxury hotel” complete with all the high-end amenities.


Cabin Sales 2017

ROUTE Sorong to Ambon  7D/6N Alor  to Komodo 12D/11N Komodo  to Bali  7D/6N
DATE March 3 – Mar 11, 2017 March 16 – March 27, 2017 March 31 – April 5, 2017
CRUISE Sailing through Raja Ampat with its pristine waters, white beaches and enormous under water bio-diversity, it is also known as the last paradise on Earth. From Raja Ampat our voyage will continue to Ambon, a trip for nature lovers and under-water enthusiasts. This trip offers a lot of diversity, nature, culture, marine activities and of course a visit to the World heritage site of Komodo National Park, where you will come face to face, not only with the Komodo Dragon but also one of the richest marine environments. These habitats harbor more than 1,000 species of fish, some 260 species of reef-building coral After visiting Komodo National Park we will set sail direction Bali, under way we will meet sea-gypsies at Messa island and see how they can survive the modern world holding on to their inherited tradition, we will pass Wera where traditional boats are being build. Under way there will be plenty of time for diving, snorkeling and other watersport activities.