Diving The Full Indonesian Archipelago

Deluxe Diving in NEW DESTINATIONS !!

Komodo National Park, Raja Empat, Halmahera, Alor, Banda, Cendrawasih Bay

Whether you are making your first trip to the area, are a seasoned traveler to the region or an avid photographer this new vessel and her guides will lead you to secret places and reveal the minute details only people intimately familiar with a destination can. KLM Peace is totally dedicated to details, both above water and below. With here management better than ten yearís experience in these waters your dive masters bring not just knowledge but an enthusiasm to their work that is infectious. Divers often encounter a new species long before anyone knew it was new! Marine biologists thrive on discovering new species and we dive where they make their discoveries. Let Kararu take you to one of the frontiers of marine biology. Tropical diving at itís very best.

This year, KLM Peace 1 has started a transition from just diving one or two destinations to exploring all that the regions have to offer. This years programs noted below visit to Papua's, Raja Empat Group of islands, the Cendrawasih Bay, the secrets of Halmahere and Alor in short totally action packed diving in many new destinations. In addition she will also visit the Wakatobi National Park and the famous Bandanerra. Early bookings for these programs is highly recommended.

Program Features:

  • Accommodation on board in private air conditioned cabins.
  • Unlimited dives per day.
  • Tanks. weights and belt
  • Professional western divemaster/guide.
  • Western cruise director.
  • Camera handling and dedicated rinse tank.
  • Delicious full board International cuisine.
  • Bottled mineral water, tea and coffee.
  • Transfers to and from the airport to your vessel
  • All tax

Departure Dates 2018:

Date Destination From - To
04.February 2018 -  Raja Ampat from: Sorong 
15. February 2018 to: Sorong
19.February 2018 -  Raja Ampat from: Sorong 
26. February 2018 to: Sorong
26.February 2018 -  Raja Ampat from: Sorong 
06. March 2018 to: Sorong
07.March 2018 -  Raja Ampat- Banda Sea from: Sorong 
18. March 2018 to: Ambon
19.March 2018 -  Banda Sea The Forgotten Islands from: Ambon 
31. March 2018 to: Saumlaki
06.April 2018 -  Asmats - Raja Ampat - Triton Bay  from: Timika 
20. April 2018 to: Sorong
22.April 2018 -  Raja Ampat from: Sorong 
29. April 2018 to: Sorong
30.April 2018 -  Raja Ampat from: Sorong 
07. May 2018 to: Sorong
10.May 2018 -  Raja Ampat from: Sorong 
21. May 2018 to: Sorong
24.May 2018 -  Raja Ampat from: Sorong 
31. May 2018 to: Sorong
01.June 2018 -  Raja Ampat from: Sorong 
08. June 2018 to: Sorong
19.June 2018 -  Alor - Komodo from: Maumere 
01. July 2018 to: Labuanbajo
03.July 2018 -  Komodo-Komodo from: Labuanbajo 
13. July 2018 to: Bima
18.July 2018 -  Komodo from: Bima 
25. July 2018 to: Labuan Bajo
27.July 2018 -  Komodo from: Labuanbajo 
04. August 2018 to: Labuanbajo
04.August 2018 -  Komodo from: Laboanbajo 
11. August 2018 to: Laboanbajo
12.August 2018 -  Komodo from: Laboanbajo 
19. August 2018 to: Laboanbajo
21.August 2018 -  Bali-Komodo from: Labuanbajo 
29. August 2018 to: Bali
30.September 2018 -  Raja Ampat from: Sorong 
06. October 2018 to: Sorong
08.October 2018 -  Raja Ampat-Triton Bay from: Sorong 
19. October 2018 to: Kaimana
20.October 2018 -  Triton Bay - Banda Sea from: Kaimana 
31. October 2018 to: Ambon
04.November 2018 -  Banda Sea- The Forgotten Islands - Alor from: Ambon 
15. November 2018 to: Maumere
17.November 2018 -  Alor from: Maumere 
26. November 2018 to: Maumere
28.November 2018 -  Alor- Komodo from: Maumere 
09. December 2018 to: Labuanbajo
29.December 2018 -  Komodo from: Labuanbajo 
10. January 2019 to: Labuanbajo



Room rates are based upon two people sharing a twin or double cabin. Each boat has two double cabins that could be used as SINGLE CABIN for an aditional US$175 per night, and two MASTER CABINS that have a suplement of US$50 per person and night.